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lepercq de neuflize asset management

Asset Management

Lepercq de Neuflize Asset Management LLC (“LNAM”) is the global asset management and investment advisory business of Lepercq, de Neuflize & Co. Incorporated. LNAM provides discretionary investment management services to domestic and offshore funds whose founding clients are wealthy European families and charitable organizations. LNAM is an SEC-registered investment advisor.

LNAM employs a value investing philosophy which emphasizes the pursuit of absolute returns and a margin of safety as means to preserve and grow our clients’ capital.  The Firm believes markets are inefficient, leading to opportunities to identify usefully mispriced asset classes and individual securities through fundamental research and a contrarian mindset. 

We are unbiased with respect to asset class, region or sector, and may invest directly or partner with external specialists with whom our clients have a strong alignment of interest.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals who share an entrepreneurial approach to investing, a collegial approach to objective thinking and a commitment to the highest ethical standards.

The Team

Ryan M. Tié - Chief Investment Officer

Joshua Fremed - Chief Operating Officer & Chief Compliance Officer

Kyle Cleeton, CFA - Senior Analyst

Amy Huang - Analyst

Anya Rozina - Senior Analyst