Real estate and Specialty Finance group

Real Estate

The Real Estate and Specialty Finance Group provides financial advisory services and real estate investment management services.  The group’s financial advisory services are focused on its role as Program Manager for the City of New York’s delinquent real property tax lien sale securitization program.  The group’s real estate investment management services are concentrated on real estate acquisition and related property management activities. The principals of the Real Estate & Specialty Finance Group have decades of experience managing the securitization and sale of real estate mortgages and tax liens, as well as real property acquisition and management.

Financial Advisory Services

Serving as an advisor to the City of New York since 1996, the Real Estate and Specialty Finance Group has assisted in the City’s in its securitization of over $2 billion in real property tax liens.  As program manager, the group’s services include: financial advisory services  related to the structuring and sale of securities in the capital markets, data processing and analysis, and post-sale oversight of the financial performance and regulatory compliance of these transactions.

Investment Management Services

The group’s primary focus is to acquire and manage multifamily apartment projects on behalf of the firm, its shareholders, clients and joint-venture partners. The group’s property management affiliate, Gladiator LLC, manages over 1,000 apartment units located in New Jersey and Georgia.  We are constantly reviewing potential new acquisitions in the Southeast United States.

As an investment manager and principal, the Real Estate & Specialty Finance Group, under its subsidiary Gladiator, invests the capital of the firm, its clients and its joint-venture partners in real property tax lien portfolios, distressed real estate, and undervalued multi-family housing on the East Coast, with a focus on New Jersey, part of the New York Metropolitan Area, and other locations along the East Coast.

The Team

Stephen Cate - Co-Manager

Joel Cooper - Co-Manager

Thomas Gallagher - Vice President

Peraj Lulla - Vice President

Tiru Kothamasu - Vice President


Stephen Cate

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